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Totally unsolicited testimonials from happy clients

Cindy, Manchester.

Brilliant session!

Thank You. It's saved me heartache and lots of time and money. You got straight to the core of the matter, dug it out and it's healed for good.

~ Cindy, Manchester. UK

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Cameron, Christchurch.

Uncanny insights and information brought through from a lifetime I kind of knew about. She was spot on with my habits from then that were still over-laid on my template.

Fixed in a jiffy!

I'll definitely come back for another session once I see all the results from this intensely helpful session.

~ Cameron, Christchurch. NZ

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John, Auckland.

I was about to undergo complete bowel removal and was booked in on Monday for the specialist to mark up the place where the bag was to go and surgery Tuesday.

With nothing to lose, both Saturday and Sunday nights I had Reconnective Healings with Sharna.  She suggested I get a second colonoscopy done on Monday as things might have changed.

A miracle.  Results = Completely normal bowel; no sign of the cancer and growths.  Astounding.  Never before in my life have I experienced such results and without drugs and surgery!

I thoroughly recommend this woman to do your healings too.  Respect!!

~ John,  Auckland. NZ

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David, Cairns.

I like it when I don't have to provide any information and what I receive in the report clarifies so much. I could feel the energy changing my DNA, literally, like fingers in my body.

So happy with the almost immediate results.

~ David, Cairns, Australia

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Tiffany, Perth

I’ve had a severe back pain issue for years. I had one healing and now it is less and I feel lighter and ready to step into my new world.

~ Tiffany. Perth. Australia

Testimonials @ The Spiritual Cafe

Some great testimonials on FaceBook.

Sharna helped lift my spirit to a good place.

I truly recommend Sharna’s reconnecting healings as they really do work. Sharna is a dedicated and nurturing soul who takes her job very seriously and is always there to discuss points of interest.

~ Diane M-E, Wonthaggi, Vic

I had a healing with Sharna.

The clearing was felt. Along with calm peaceful feeling. The issues I had at that time were brought up within a few days and healed.
Thankyou Sharna in assisting my healing process.

~ Trudi L, Nelson, NZ

Sharna has helped me with many things.

She’s helped my now 6 month old baby (who was 4 months at the time and who had had breathing problems when he slept, since birth, who now no longer has breathing problems).

She’s helped my mum and my husband! My whole family has benefited greatly by being recommended to try Sharna’s Reconnective healing technique.

I find it amazing that you can be in Sharna’s presence but have no physical contact and yet your body moves, has sensations, and heals. Sharna has a wonderful gift you have to experience to believe and understand.

~ Siobhan L S, Gold Coast, Qld

Reconnective healing is amazing.

A gift presents itself, some times immediately, sometimes months later depending on awareness and the alignment of a number of various energies, vibrations, strands and strings. Thank you for my healings.

I suggest to check out the leaf experiments done with Reconnective healing for great expanded understanding. A picture speaks a thousand words, and that’s Reconnective Healing.

~ Dian W, Perth, WA

Sharna does amazing Cleaning, Clearing and Healing.

Like a clear blue day – she shifts whatever is overcast in your life.

~ Charlie R, Cairns, Qld

Thanks so much Sharna.

Not only did the healing I received from Sharna bring me back to balance but cleared out a problem the docs had been trying to clear for over a month with no success.

The next day I ‘felt’ like me for the first time in a long time and each day gets better and better.

~ Carol V, Sunshine Coast, Qld

I am grateful with your service of support.

I’m giving my 5 star appreciation & thankfulness to Sharna for your integrity by giving my family & myself hands on healing & long distance healings intuitively.

You have helped care for us for the past 18 yrs.  Keep up the good work & knowing I can call upon you at anytime makes me feel happy.

~ Lyn R H, Emerald, Qld

So powerful, Sharna!

Distance healing is amazing, can feel the energy moving through the body, working on specific areas – even feeling like fireworks going off at one point. Looking forward to seeing what unfolds in the coming weeks.

Thank you so much for your great feedback too! Very unique!

~ Jessie S, Brisbane, Qld

I had a long distance healing with Sharna.

It was amazing. She helped me a lot and cleared things that no longer served me. She is an amazing person and does amazing healings.

Thank you Sharna

~ Valerie L, Malanda, Qld

I really hope you enjoyed some of the great testimonials from my clients.

Nothing is too difficult to shift in 5D and beyond.  If you are ready to work with me please go to my shop and book in for a healing of your choice… you won’t look back!!

Love and backing