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A brief overview of my story of my life 😉

I was born in a country town in Far North Queensland.  Born an early Indigo child in the late 1950’s.  Life was simple!  People were clear and friendly.  There was a large emphasis on community and growing your own food or catching river or ocean fish, crabs, prawns and other delicacies.

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I learned to live in the flow, to trust myself and others, to enjoy life and be active in the community lifestyle.

The basic building blocks to my story.

My Parents:
  • My Mother – She was a Prophetic Feeling personality, an only child. She had lots of dreams that came true and she communicated them to those if she discerned a message was to be delivered. A natural healer; everything she touched sprang back to life or flourished, including dead sticks – they would somehow revive and grow a flower or fruit??  Animals and humans loved her vivaciousness and ‘all welcoming’ persona.  Whomever she hugged would light up and say things like “Oh good, my headache/back ache/arthritis/etc has gone”! Visitors came from far and wide for her healing touch, hugs or extraordinary fruit cake and a cuppa infused with questions like; “Please help me understand my dream”, “What’s wrong with my moggie?”, “Can you fix my fruit tree?”.  Our home was affectionately known as “The Dew Drop Inn”.  Everyone was welcome.

I learned compassion and touch included healing on many levels and not to doubt my sensitivity.  I learned that my dreams were either symbolic, wish fulfillment, futuristic or a message for others and the discernment to share or not share sensitive or personal information.

  • My Father was a ‘live in the moment’ type of guy, often a dare devil or trail blazer.  He had 2 siblings. His sensitivity was the Visionary Feeling type.  His internal timing was astounding; and when he said let’s go; he meant it.. if you weren’t in the car, he’d pull away and leave you there.  However, out fishing or camping he showed my brother and I how to call in the ET’s, their ships, angels, dolphins, turtles and sharks so we could commune with them and he had a true understanding of the circle of life.  A man of minimal verbal language, he’d give a look or hand gesture and you knew exactly what was required.  Often he would shush us and say “Feel the experience!” or “Listen to their messages.” or when out bush, “Put it back the way you found it, Don’t change the environment.”  At his funeral I discovered he had a secret life in the way of persuading the City Council to create “Green Belts”, “Save the Sharks”, “Save the Mangroves”, “No building on the hills”, “Keep our waters pristine” etc.for the whole area ~ A Natural Greenie ~ policies way ahead of his time.

I learned inner timing, great respect for ecology and to follow my feelings no matter if it was against peer pressure or societies insane rules.  Thought Transference or Telepathy was also part of all family communications.

My Maternal Grandparents:
  • My Maternal Grandmother was an international Pianist, but she was better known and respected as a palmist, tea leaf & playing card reader.  Her sensitivity was the Intuitive Prophetic type. Her accurate reading are still spoken about with love and respect today.  She had 2 siblings.

I learnt how to do psychic readings and listen to the clients’ heart music to heal them.  I also learned how to accept people for where they are at in their journey.  Travel and feeling comfortable in front of a crowd was ingrained genetically from her modelling this behaviour.

  • My Maternal Grandfather was an Aviator and Aviation Mechanic who came to Australia to find his soul mate just before the second world war.  His sensitivity was the Intuitive Visionary type. He’d seen her in concert in London and fell instantly in love with her. They reconnected in Perth then moved to Broome, WA. He was a renowned story teller and helped others with their machinery and vehicles. The war broke out 2 years after my Mother was born and they evacuated after the first bombing of Broome.  He stayed behind.  He died there.

I learned how to tell stories and include people in the story with humour and of course I’m a ‘fix it’ kinda gal.  I learned to follow my heart, dreams and adventures.  My love of travel is also from his adventurous spirit.  It was by osmosis or DNA that I accessed his heritage.

My Paternal Grandparents:
  • My Paternal Grandmother was the epitome of Peace, Harmony and Love.  Her sensitivity was the Feeling Visionary type.  She was a quiet meditative achiever who was a tremendous cook and held family close to her heart.  Being brought up with 14 siblings family gatherings were huge. Being the highlights of her life, they were exciting and entertaining laced with love, dancing, good food and music.  She treated everyone as family!

I learned that actions speak louder than words from her and learnt to live and let live with inner peace and harmony.  I learned the art of meditation in action and to include everyone as a family member.

  • My Paternal Grandfather was for all sense and purposes a “We can achieve it!” kinda guy.  And no, he wasn’t called BOB!  His sensitivity was the Intuitive Feeling type.  Teamwork was his passion in everything he did and achieved.  Humble as well as an enthusiastic communicator; love and compassion threaded through his actions and words.  He too came from a large family of 12 siblings.  Family and community was a high priority for him.

I learned from him that going the extra mile in being of service to others has a win/win/win frequency.  Also that Teamwork was a happy melding when everyone was on the same page and more importantly;  to celebrate the little wins along the journey.

My Sibling:
  • One brother, 2 years my younger.  His sensitivity the Feeling Visionary type, was an excellent student and sportsman.  He went onto become a fitter and turner, marry and have one child, also a step father to three other daughters from his wife’s first marriage.

We got along famously. He was just a psychic as I was (grateful for our parents and environment for not closing us down) We were two peas in a pod.  We did everything together right up until I ventured out in the big wide world to expand my story.

We would spend hours daily exploring and experimenting with all sorts of paranormal activity.  Mastering quite a lot, had lots of fun and did experiments that really should have been supervised 😉 at times; like going into Trance and writing on walls from the Matthew Manning style of automatic writing example! Not a great way to master automatic writing… but in as such as we experimented, we did discover our boundaries and what not to do!

We innately knew we were here to teach the world in this area and crikey, just about every child who came to our home got to play ‘psychic games’ with us… never Ouija boards though; that experiment went terribly wrong and had us grounded for a fortnight of our school holidays when I was 12 and he was 10!

I learned from my wonderful brother to have fun with both work and play.  To experiment with every written text to make it our own personal wisdom; to be creative and mindful of the steps along the way.  That teamwork is better than being a lone wolf and to know that moral and physical support is just a moment away.

All in all my upbringing taught me many survival tools and expansion of my Akashic records to help me step out into my own path.

All of my family, except my Mother and Son have passed over as they mastered their challenges and then some on this plain of existence; but from time to time I still have intimate conversations with a few.

I have had one son who has the same psychic abilities as I do, and some!  He’s currently a chef running 4 restaurants.  I am blessed to have him in my life.

I am looking forward to continuing my story for at least another 40 years and get a Happy Birthday Card from the Queen 🙂 LOL

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