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Please Enjoy our Videos 😉

Each one is infused with energy, light and music that creates the feeling and vibration of each communication style or subject.

The Big Picture is all about your SOUL journey here on Planet Earth and beyond.

You have all 4 Spiritual Gifts in a specific order:

Find out which video you resonate with and book in for a Profile to discover YOU!

The Spiritual Gift of Prophecy

I know that I know!  I don’t know how I know, but I just KNOW.  I dream, I manifest!

The Spiritual Gift of Vision

I see pictures, auras, ‘ghosts’ and ailments!  I create organised systems and follow through.

The Spiritual Gift of Intuition

I follow my heart’s drum beat.  I hear facts through the noises.  I lead.  I discern!

The Spiritual Gift of Feeling

I am sensitive, an empath, a healer!  I do with love and care.  I Touch to communicate.

We hope you enjoyed resonating to the 4 spiritual gifts.  We have all 4, but in a certain order.  To find out which order you are please book in for an Angel Profile in our Shop.