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June, 2018 Newsletter from The Spiritual Cafe


Welcome to The Spiritual Cafe’s Newsletter.

June has been one of resetting the paradigm we are all experiencing… can you feel it?

As we move more and more away from the 3D paradigm of enslavements of the soul, we move closer and close to our true selves… our divine encoded light bodies.

As we do this upgrading we shed outdated programs, thoughts and emotions, and so too do old relationships come to an end.  Some of these ‘old programs’ are trapped in our memories, some in our cellular memory and some in our Akashic Records.

To do it with ease and grace is the momentum forward.  The old ways of grinding away at the past is over… moving now into a “GOD” command situation of “I AM” – creating yourselves with your own programs especially with self-esteem, self-worth, teamwork, manifesting and love.

Resistance brings pain and discomfort… it is easier to step up into your new reality with breath techniques, with binaural beats techniques and releasing the old without having to dig out and memorise the past conditions.  The egoic brain is on holidays permanently, so forgetfulness is a part of the healing taking place.  It is now easier to FEEL, THINK then ACT.  This is flow.  It is no longer Mind over Matter… it is now, I AM manifesting matter.

Hope you are enjoying your new freedoms.. and if you need some help, please do not hesitate to contact me or go to the shop to book a healing to help you hurdle across the gulf of doubt.