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The Spiritual Cafe brings you the latest news and upgrades with the Shift of The Ages!

We are not alone in this journey through time, space and dimensional shifts.  Although most of us do it singularly; this isn’t necessarily a wise habit to choose.  Teamwork is ultimately a better option, whether we choose our partner, our family, friends or searchers’ groups to share our wisdom with… it is in that sharing and voicing that miracles are made.

Every single person is gifted and each of you have incredible stories to share so we can all contribute to and build our new 5D life on Gaia.

When breaking away from the matrix of enslavement and illusion that’s been limiting our personal growth it sometimes is a difficult process!  At times the craziness or pain is so intense we just want to scream out “Beam Me Up Scotty!” and for it to actually happen.

But you know what?
You take you with you !

Where ever you go on Planet Earth or out in the Universe, the only persistent thing is your own state of consciousness.  It might be great for awhile in a new environment but within 3 months you re-create the same scenarios again.  You cannot escape the lessons you’ve signed up for alive or dead until you’ve mastered it.

In the long run, it’s easier to get on with it… with learning simple tools and techniques, the sharing of our experiences and unique gifts to uplift our graceful move we can build a new paradigm in freedom, transparency, honesty, love, accountability, inner responsibility and loyalty, moral support, fairness, co-creative effectiveness and friendship.

A win/win/win frequency is the next step.

I invite you to partake of my tools and training that is available on the Services or Shop page or alternatively join one of the groups or pages I run.

Emergency Healings are now available in my Shop too.

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Pick Your Tools

All practices; religions, cults, clubs, medical and alternative health, diets, books, music, parapsychology, history, science, personal experience and any other reference points have some truth; not one has all the truth!

There may come a time when ALL of the truth will be in one depository on Planet Earth, but until then we can only grow with an open balanced mind, feelings, psychic sensitivity and a bit of hand holding and support from our peers, angels and other galactic beings to aid our journeys or salve our pains.  Accessing your own personal akashic records is a bonus.

With this in mind, I do not subscribe to a single frame fixed mindset, solution, healing modality nor creed.

Change is inevitable not only as we physically grow, but also spiritually.

Like a pair of trusty old comfortable shoes, eventually they’ll wear out, need replacing or completely tossing for a grander version… perhaps the sand-shoes make room for loafers?  Wear and tear is a natural progression here as things age and eventually an upgrade is required, a refresher is taken or a quicker or more current methodology is more appropriate for your growth and service.

As I grow my tools become outdated or obsolete so I hunger for a greater perspective & tools that work for me at this now new quantum level!  I continue to upgrade my counselling facets, ethics, healing modalities, courses and other areas of degrees, qualifications and certifications as I believe the best tools are kept sharp.

OMG I could have purchased 10 homes with all the re-certification time and money invested!!  But it’s worth it.  I am worth it.  My spiritual real estate is my only ‘possession’ as such.  I can only take my wisdom back home with me, not houses, people, animals or chattels…. not even concepts or beliefs.

Along the way I’ve learned how to clear my own DNA glitches, this life and past life unfinished business and heal souls that feed off the pain, anguish, terror, fear, hate, revenge, killings, war, betrayal, competition,  relationship triangles, obligation, blame and guilt to mention just a few.  I have done my homework diligently and won’t go backwards or play small.

After all I did sign up to eliminate all past enslavements so I can go home clean and clear 😉

I am an Affluent Being and Freedom is my first policy and that’s that!


Effective Tools

Personal Coaching

As every individual is unique; often growth and healing cannot fit into a ‘one solution fits all’ remedy!

When you work with me, my team, your team and I will tap into what your spiritual and physical needs are on a higher level, (a divine, universe, source level) find personalized solutions for you or an appropriate course of action for your inner direction.

Religion tells you who you need to be. Where as, spirituality invites you to discover who you are and can be.

My service in this area is unique, in that I guide you to answer for yourself with specialized tools and techniques so your spiritual wisdom is YOURS, not outside of you:

  • Who am I?
  • Where did I come from
  • What’s my purpose for being here?
  • How can I get my own answers?
  • Who are my Angels?
  • What’s the meaning of life?
  • Who was I in a past-life?
  • What habits still exist from then?
  • Can I heal my trauma?
  • What techniques can I use to cope with the Shift Changes?
  • How do I learn to use my Psychic Sensitivity?
  • Can I heal dis-incarnates around me?
  • How do I feel connected?
  • Why am I being bombarded with other’s thoughts, feelings, emotions and dramas?

And many other questions you have!

The origin of “spiritual” is the Latin word “spiritus” meaning breath.

I will let you know if I cannot access your needs or perhaps put you in contact with a consultant that can.  WIN/WIN/WIN.

I’m still building this Coaching Page as I want to eventually install a Membership Site… so please be patient 😉

And in the meantime see what else I have on offer!


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Since 1993

I Never Do It Alone

I love giving lectures, seminars and workshops and so do my Angels.  I get the feeling they often get more excited than I do!  I know a lot of times I say something that I know isn’t me;  their wisdom channels right out my mouth without my brain even knowing it before hand.  (What filter?) That’s what I manifested after totally committing myself to the work of spirit.  Often I hear myself think “Gee, when did I put that together?”  My journey is one of constant learning, laughter and loving ~ deeper and deeper we go.

Spiritual Cafe Home My Angels and I giving an Introductory Lecture for New Spiritual Horizons – A division of Wayshowers College.

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Where to from HERE?

With all of my experience, training, tools, simple approach and laughter; our growth together can build a wonderful relationship.

These pages are an evolution and growing process.  I am sure there is something for all levels of spiritual growth, from the beginner to the more experienced and advanced searcher.

Find something that suits your needs on my Pictures, Videos, Blog, Testimonies, Services and Shop pages.

Please do not hesitate to Contact me or Email me if you have particular questions or just need some regrouping or direction.

Love and Backing


Let’s Begin !